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Few weeks ago, I got some remarks on my knife work. Not really about my techniques, but the actual knives I am using. I know they are cheap and do not keep sharpness very well, but they have been good enough. Or at least I have learned to work with them without paying much attention. Well, these remarks got me thinking should I do something about the matter. Then it just struck me!

My grills are top quality and I keep them in good shape. I burn very good lump charcoals and I measure temperatures carefully with good devices. I am also selective on raw materials I am cooking, but my knives suck! Quest for the perfect knife started.

Few hours of desktop research got me excited, but also a bit frustrated. There is so much to learn about secrets of knives. I had decided I would settle for exceptional knives only, but then again, I only wanted to cook. How to make sense of all the information available? Then I bumped into The Custom Knives, a small Finnish team designing and forging handcrafted knives for chefs.

The Custom Knives is a trade name for two teams, E&M Knives and Cathill Knives. Both Finnish specialists.

I contacted E&M Knives and selected one model from their gallery. Due to Christmas season, they were very busy with orders, but delivery time was still very good. The workshop was only one-hour drive from my home, so we agreed I would pick up the knife when it was ready.

On a date of delivery, I met two blacksmiths Eero Vestala and Marko Blomqvist, who gave me a nice presentation on knife making. It is fantastic to listen enthusiasts who not only master their art, but also have clear vision on where they are going.

I got to make dozens of questions while I tried to understand different phases of production. My knife was almost ready, but few last phases were left to wait for my visit. The knife was completed while I was witnessing its birth.

Once the knife was handed over, I got instructions on knife-care and how to sharpen it with stone. Sharpening looked quite simple, but I might need some practice to get it right.

Well here it is.

Blade material: High carbon steel 0 – 1

Handle material: Olive wood, Brass and Curly Birch

Blade length: 7.87 in (200mm)

Quench hardness: 63 HRC

Temper hardness: 62 – 60 HRC

Grind: Straight, V-grind + Convex edge

Here you can check how it performs.

Thanks Eero (right) and Marko (left)!

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