The Biggest Smoker in Finland



Go Big or go home!

JJ’s BBQ restaurant in Salo, is the home of the biggest smoker in Finland. “MEATY”, a 4533lbs (2056kg), 851 US GAL (3221l) reverse flow smoker is a true eye catcher lying on the backyard terrace of the restaurant.

Biggest smoker in Finland specs
Biggest smoker in Finland specs

When JJ started his business on BBQ catering and building portable reverse flow smokers, he had a dream of a BBQ restaurant of his own. After four years of touring Finland in various events, smoking meat and spreading the word of real American BBQ, JJ and his wife found a perfect place for it. All other plans for early 2019 were cleared and building the smoker and the restaurant started.

JJ’s BBQ is a family business with a vision. Serving great BBQ in authentic American style is at the core, but spreading the BBQ culture in Finland is equally important. Only a year ago JJ packed his bag and took off to Texas for a few week round trip. He travelled the state visiting many iconic BBQ joints and even worked for few of them. American pitmasters welcomed the odd fellow from far North warmly. While working in BBQ restaurants, JJ made good friends and built up inspiration for his own business. All this can be sensed in the smoke of the MEATY today.

Grand opening day on 26th of April 2019 will reveal 1st class American BBQ joint with 50 seats indoors and 25 outdoors. Entering the lobby is already an experience. Interior is fully designed and constructed by JJ and his wife.

Wall wide photograph of The 44 Farms cattle ranch, taken by JJ during his Texas trip, leads you to the world of American BBQ already before stepping into the dining hall.

JJ's BBQ Restaurant lobby
JJ’s BBQ Restaurant lobby

Furniture in dining area are built by JJ. The counter desk and dining tables are made of oak and the whole hall is 100% branded for the purpose.

JJ's BBQ Restaurant dining area
JJ’s BBQ Restaurant dining area

The outdoor terrace is fantastic. It is nicely sheltered in the backyard and you need to walk through the restaurant to get there.

reverse flow smoker
Meaty reverse flow smoker

The terrace faces South and I can imagine myself sun bathing, enjoying a cold beer and a BBQ platter on a lazy Saturday. MEATY pushes smoke and the smell of briskets, pork ribs, Boston butts and BBQ sausages fills the air. Good life!

JJ’s BBQ Restaurant is planned to be open from Thursday to Saturday. On other days, JJ continues to sell out smoked meat in take away BBQ boxes to his growing customer base. Also few biggest summer festivals are expecting him to show up again with JJ’s BBQ Smoker GRANDE, a reverse flow smoker on trailer.

Knowing JJ for few years now and participating his BBQ Camps twice now, I was excited to get an opportunity for a sneak peek to his restaurant. I knew his style and I was familiar with his vision but stepping into the restaurant exceeded my expectations totally. Everything in JJ’s BBQ restaurant is self-made and still looks so professional. I find this rare and it makes the place authentic. It is nice to know that there are blood and tears in the smoke of the MEATY. Well done!

This is a giant step forward and I am 100% sure it can only be a success.

Now the real question is, who is the biggest smoker in Finland?

Biggest smoker in Finland
Biggest smoker in Finland

Website of JJ’s BBQ in Finnish here


JJ's BBQ restaurant lobby sign
JJ on the left and author of this blog on the right, standing in front of barbecue sign in JJ’s BBQ Restaurant lobby


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