Smoked Rabbit



Rabbit is a Lean treat!

Rabbit is very lean meat and one might think it gets dry easily. Maybe so, but here is a trick. I cooked my rabbit in Monolith Kamado, spinning in rotisserie and it turned out great. There is some magic in rotisserie which I can not explain. Anything I cook with it, gets juicy!

I got 4lb (1,4kg) whole rabbit from my butcher. It was fresh and packed in vacuum bag.

First time cooking it, I needed to do some planning. My kamado grid diameter is 18 ½ in (47cm) and the rabbit was quite skinny and 19 ½ in (50cm) long. It took some work to tie it up to rotisserie skewer and keep it within space limitations. Some steel wire and thread finally did the job.

But first, I decided to marinate it overnight. I washed the rabbit under cold water and placed it in sealable plastic bag. Then poured olive oil based marinade all over.

Here is the recipe for the marinade

  • Olive oil
  • Lime
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Next day I took the rabbit out and wiped most of the marinade off with paper towel.

I prepared my kamado for direct heat with lump charcoal. With rotisserie, I use quite low grilling temperatures. I believe ceramic kamados keep the meat from drying as the air flow through the vents is very low.

So, 300F° (150°C) grilling temp was good and the rabbit went on spinning.

My target temperature for the meat was 158°F (70°C). Some recipes suggested lower temps, but I trusted my plan.

I also decided to give some extra flavor with apple wood smoke. One good chunk on top of the burning charcoal was enough.

While my rabbit was taking a spin, I brushed it with the marinade few times. I think this might have also helped to keep the meat moist.

Total grilling time was 50 minutes. I took the rabbit out and sliced it immediately. No rest.

End result was fantastic. Very juicy, a bit chicken like texture and light smoky aroma.

I served the rabbit with oven roasted potatoes.


(Knife by The Custom Knives)

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