Online Courses

Online Courses



While my blog posts are written to give you inspiration, online courses are designed to give you more in-depth outlook to specifics of outdoor cooking. You will get more details and careful guidance on how to succeed in grilling.

First two courses will be published in September and November 2020. Third online course depends on You!

First two Online Courses:

  1. Beginners Basics, Charcoal Grilling. (Opens in September)
  2. How to Operate Ceramic Kamado Grill? (Opens in November)

Vote for third course or suggest your own preference!

Your Preferred Third Course?

Your instructor: Pitmaster Johannes

  • Experience since July 2011
  • 1000+ cooking sessions in the backyard, rain or shine.
  • Participated three BBQ camps and two KCBS sanctioned Master Series competitions
  • Own five charcoal grills and outdoor pizza oven
  • KCBS Competition Judge #103019
  • Started competing in June 2019

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