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To the pork shoulder…and beyond!

Iberico pork, aka Pata Negra, aka Black Foot pork is a specific breed from Spain. It is rarely available in Finland and if you get lucky, you’ll most likely find it in a freezer. I was connected enough to get a fresh cut on Friday morning. Next day it was sold out.

I was not familiar with Iberico pork presa before. Meat was recommended by my local butcher with a great story of freely wandering happy pig munching acorns all day long in meadows of Spanish Iberian Peninsula. How can anyone resist that? Soon two pieces of deep red meat, 1,3lb (600g) each, found their way to my grill.

Presa comes from the shoulder part of a pig. Unlike traditional way of cooking pork well-done, presa was told to be cooked medium rare. I was not sure about this, so I searched for number of articles to cross check the recipe. Finally confirmed guidelines from USDA, fresh pork roast should be cooked to 145 °F (62,8 °C) and allow to rest for at least 3 minutes. This should ensure safe eating.

Meat is nicely marbled and melting point of fat lower than other breeds have. This promises tenderness once cooked. In my opinion, meat was also more dense than pork from the next door.

I was first tempted to smoke the pieces, but then decided not to. Iberico Pork is said to have tender nutty flavor due to its natural diet of eating acorns. I wanted to experience this in full and smoke might have had disturb the taste.

That’s enough for the intro. Get busy now.

If you cook it this way, you cook it my way:

  1. Trim the meat off silverskin and larger lumps of fat
  2. Rub black pepper all over. Salt too if you like it. I don’t.
  3. Heat up your Weber Master Touch with full chimney starter of briquettes
  4. Place the briquettes on the other half of grill and left the other side free for aluminum pan (indirect grilling)
  5. Place aluminum pan for any pork juice drippings
  6. Make sure that inner temp of meat is at least 50°F (10°C) before cooking
  7. Sear the meat well on both sides
  8. When the surface is nice brown, place it on the other half for indirect grilling
  9. Stick in thermometer probe and close the lid
  10. Take out when inner temp reaches 145 °F (62,8 °C)
  11. Wrap the meat in aluminum foil and let rest at least 3min.

Carve and serve!


  1. salmonella

    Evira suosittelee porsaanlihan kypsentämistä aina vähintään 70ºC asteeseen

    1. Johannes

      Thank you very much for your recommendations. I am very happy to find also Evira as an active reader of my blog. Would you be kind enough and direct me to any scientific paper discussing this important subject?

  2. James

    Your temperature means it will be overcooked. Ignore USDA guidelines, Presa or pluma, cuts from the Ibérico pig, should be cooked as you would a piece of good steak. Cook to about 50 degrees c, rest to 55-60 max. Medium rare, or even rare is good if it is real black pig. High heat grill, char the outside then rest at least 10 minutes. This is one of the best pieces of meat in the world and needs to be treated as such! It won’t hurt you if it’s rare or medium rare as long as you know the provenance and it’s genuine black pig raised naturally, preferably on a diet that is largely acorns.

    1. Johannes

      Hi James, thanks for your comment. Ibérico surely is one of the best pieces of meat. Still, one have to make sure it really is genuine. Lots of fake Ibérico out there.


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