How to Operate Ceramic Kamado grill?

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This course is for everyone starting to learn how to grill with ceramic kamado. I will help you understanding basics and important details specific to ceramic kamado. You will get more out of your kamado sooner and avoid some common pitfalls.

If you have taken my first course “Beginners Basics, Charcoal Grilling” you will learn even faster. However, this course stands alone, so don’t worry. Some basic principles are universal, and some are specific to ceramic kamado.

You will learn how to cope with heavy, fragile, and air-tight grill, which can run for hours on low temperatures or short periods super-hot. Details on succeeding with different proteins and vegetables will be explained, as well as necessary maintenance procedures and cleaning maneuvers.

Just like in my other courses, all instructions are based on my 10 years of experience and world-famous trial and error method. I have tried everything I teach, failed, and tried again.

Get confident with your ceramic kamado!

  • 12 Learning modules
  • 60min video material
  • Written instructions
  • 180 days access to course material
  • Opens in February 2021. Get notified!
  • Course fee $119,-

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