Grilled Picanha



South American Grill Goodness!

Picanha is excellent choice for grill. It is very forgiving for the chef and easy to succeed with. Most importantly, it is one juicy piece of beef!

I have cooked Picanha many times before. It can be grilled as a whole, smoked, grilled as steaks or grilled in skewers, with or without rotisserie. This time I sliced it to steaks and grilled reverse sear in kamado. Here are instructions for you.

First thing to do is to trim it.

There is a nice, thick fat layer on the other side of Picanha. Leave it there, when grilling steaks.

Start by removing all membrane and hard lumps of fat, if any.

Turn Picanha fat side up, and trim excess fat away. Leave even fat layer of about ½ inches.

Then slice it to roughly 1 inch steaks.

Dry brine. Sprinkle salt all sides and place your Picanha into fridge for at least two hours. Preferably more and can be even over night. Salt enhances flavor and helps retaining water inside meat during cooking, thus juicier result.

Heat up your grill to 300°F (150°C) and prepare for reverse sear method. This means leaving other half of the grill for indirect heat and other half for direct heat. I use heat deflector in my Monolith Kamado, but you can also just load charcoals on the other half. It works.

Take your Picanha steaks out from the fridge and place them on the grill grate on top of the indirect heat. Grill until internal temperature of the steaks is 110°F (44°C). Flip over once during this phase.

Move your steaks on top of the direct heat and grill until internal temperature is 130°F (55°C). Again flip over once during grilling.

Be careful during direct heat grilling as fat of Picanha flares up. You might want to invite your dinner guests to see it, because it looks really cool.

Take steaks out and foil for 15 minutes. Internal temperature carries over to 135°F (57°C) while it rests in foil.

That’s it!

Carve and serve with Chimichurri. That is how they enjoy Picanha in Brazil.

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