Grilled Chicken Breast



This one I marinated in apple juice. And I always do!

It is important to give at least 24hrs for the chicken to soak in marinade. If you cheat, it will taste like chicken. If you behave, it will taste like chicken in apple juice with hint of honey. You choose which way you want to go.

Prepare the marinade day before grilling, drown the chicken breast and leave it somewhere cool. Sometimes I use plastic bag for marinating and sometimes just basic kitchen bowl will do the job.

I use my Weber Master Touch with indirect method. It will heat up hot enough to give nice crispy skin for the chicken breast. I have tried direct method also, but ended up with burned piece of white meat and unhappy faces around dinner table.

Grilling is pretty straight forward as glazing is not part of this recipe. I use my iGrill to follow up temperatures. If you don’t have any remote thermometer yet, make sure you get one. Your cooking gets merrier and your neighbors will envy.

So, place the meat beside briquettes when kettle temperature is around 400℉ (205℃). Stick the probe into meat and relax. Chicken will cook in 40minutes, unless it is January in Finland and outside temp is -13℉ (-25℃). Then you need another 10minutes and a furry cap. Done that also. It is not so bad…

Grilled Chicken Breast

Cooking time

45 Minutes

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Chicken breast is ready when meat temperature is 167℉ (75℃). You can go up to 170℉ (77℃) without getting it too dry, but you don’t want to go lower without taking salmonella risk. Yes, outdoor cooking is living on the edge.

That’s it. When serving, you might want to put some lime on the side. It gives nice final touch to the flavor.

Try this once and I promise you will try it again.

Ingredients for the marinade can be found here


  1. David

    I agree about the patience. You really need to throw some flavor at chicken, especially the breast. I’m a thigh guy, personally. Today I cut up some breasts and put in plenty of my own BBQ rub, then tossed it with some corn starch before cooking it hot and fast in some canola oil. Not much flavor got into the chicken, but a nice texture. But I needed to get lunch on the table for the family.

    Half of that chicken is still in the fridge uncooked. Let’s see how it tastes in a day or two.

    1. Johannes Leppihalme

      I know the feeling when family starts getting hungry. Especially kids. True BBQ guys do not panic though. They just become superfast.


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