Grilled Baby Lamb Loin



Tender lamb bites!

Grilled lamb is fantastic, and I have cooked it many times. See this post for smoked leg of lamb. No matter which cut you choose, lamb is also easy to succeed with. This time I grilled baby lamb loins.

Lamb is baby, when it is less than one year old. This means cuts are small and you might need few of them to feed whole family. Loins are no exception. I had four loins, each of them weighing less than ½ lb. Well, 0,4lb (195g) to be exact. So, one loin feeds one person.

These lamb loins were already well trimmed. All membrane and fat were cleaned off, so all I had to do was season them before cooking.

For the seasoning I decided to use salt, black pepper, olive oil and oregano. After rubbing all loins well, I wrapped them in plastic and put them into the fridge for 24hrs. See video for instructions.

Next day was grilling day.

I prepared my Monolith Junior kamado grill for indirect cooking. I ignited lump charcoals and placed heat deflector on top of them. Good grilling temperature is 230°F (110°C).

I placed all loins on top of the grill grate and cooked 40 minutes. Internal temperature of the loins was then 130°F (55°C).

I took loins out from the grill and wrapped them in foil, while I removed heat deflector and opened all vents. Plan was to raise the heat up to 350°F (177°C) for final searing. After 10 minutes the grill was ready, and I returned loins on top of the direct heat. It took only 3 minutes grilling for both sides, when internal temp of the loins hit 145°F (63°C). Excellent medium-well done.

Baby lamb loins were served with Port Sauce and roasted potatoes.

Go ahead and try!

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