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27 Lessons Learned from Competition BBQ by Ben Arnot

Ben Arnot is the author of the Smoking Hot Confessions community in Facebook, smokinghotconfessions.com web site and an Australian competition Pitmaster. His free eBook was promoted in Twitter by one of my contacts and I got curious. All I had to do is ask for a link for download and Ben sent it through by email. Simple!

I am not competing in BBQ but I have been keen to learn more about this sport. You cannot find those events in Finland yet but BBQ is getting more popular day by day, so that is something to look for in the future. BBQ competitions seem to be very much about enthusiasts spending time together and having fun. I am sure pitmasters take the race seriously but I think competition is just an excuse for getting together.

eBook “27 Lessons Learned from Competition BBQ” is easy reading. It is structured to six chapters and has thirty pages. Content draws from Ben’s own experiences so lessons are very practical. Book starts by explaining the basics and then walks you through the whole competition from early preparations to the trip back home.

I like the way how Ben shares his practical tips. He has certainly made some mistakes on the way and knows how to laugh at himself. It makes the whole book fun to read.

Book has good balance of photos and text. Layout is well thought and there is even a schematic drawing of the competition site presented. Great detail and gives depth to the story telling.

Ben surely is a good story teller and bringing family members on the stage gives warmth to the book. “27 Lessons Learned from Competition BBQ” is not academic reading. Far from it, and that makes it so enjoyable. In my opinion, BBQ is about being together and making new friends. I think Ben captures this well.

I don’t think I will ever compete in BBQ, but reading Ben’s book makes following competitions much more interesting now.

High recommendations!

Ben (left) and his team.


  1. Ben

    Thanks for the kind review. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to do that and thrilled that you enjoyed the book so much. Here’s to some comps opening in Finland soon!


    1. Johannes

      Keep up the good work Ben!


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