Dry aged and dry brined. How can it be juicy?



Exclusive steak experience!

Dry ageing and dry brining might give first impression that these techniques can not do any favors for beef. But have no fear, plan is to grill juiciest steaks ever!

Dry aged beef is worth of looking for. The process of dry ageing means hanging of high grade beef in climate controlled cabin for several weeks. During the ageing, water evaporates from the muscle developing more intense beef flavor. In addition, beef’s own enzymes dissolve connective tissue making it more tender. As the process takes time and beef looses weight (water), dry aged beef becomes more expensive.

Dry aged beef is rarely available for a regular backyard pitmaster like me. Typically this delicacy can be found from better steak houses or specialist butchers shops. I got surprised finding two dry age cabins in an ordinary supermarket located not too far from my home town. Feeling lucky, I picked two 1,2lb (0,55kg) bone in Hereford rib eye steaks for dinner.

Before firing up my grill, it was time to dry brine both steaks. That is another great way of treating beef. Simply sprinkle kosher salt on top of the raw steak and put it into refrigerator for an hour or two. Salt pulls water out from the meat, water dissolves salt and it goes back inside the meat again. This helps retaining the beef juicy when cooked.

Cooking of steaks was straight forward. As they were pretty thin cuts (1” only), 2min on direct heat was just enough to reach medium rare doneness.

Tender and juicy!

So, when you are ready to spend some extra and you want the best possible steak experience, look for dry aged beef and remember to dry brine. You can’t go wrong!

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