Boneless Rib Eye Steak



Boneless rib eye is fast food by all means.

One sunny Saturday I was not feeling low or slow. Straight forward steak by reverse sear method was a plan. I rolled up my sleeves, ran out to the butchers, got back with four 9oz (250g) cuts of boneless rib eyes and started my BBQ routines.

For the seasoning, sea salt and black pepper were just enough. Some pitmasters marinate their red meats, but I don’t. Sweet flavor of tender meat works well for me as such.

It is important to warm the meat up to room temperature before cooking. Cheat on this and your cuts will release all their juices on thermal shock. If you are tender to your meat, they will respond tenderly.

Reverse sear is another method securing your success. I know there are two schools for this one. Sear first and cook to desired temperature, or do it reverse like I did.

I prepared my Weber Master Touch with full chimney starter of briquettes. Smoldering briquettes went on the other half of the grill, while other half was left empty.

Boneless rib eyes were placed on the empty half for indirect grilling. Cooking meat on reverse sear aims at consistent doneness without separate layers. My target was medium rare, thus 125°F (51°C) of internal temp. Once my thermometer indicated 115°F (46°C), I moved rib eyes on top of the briquettes for final searing.

One minute on both sides was enough. Then picked up resting in foil for 10 minutes. Final result was fine medium rare.

Boneless Rib Eye is super easy way to treat yourself or impress your dinner guests.

Just remember if you have confused French people around the table, main course is called Entrecôte.

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