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Top sirloin roast is reasonably priced, yet delicious cut of beef

I cannot understand why I have not cooked it before. Well, here we go.

Aberdeen Black Angus sirloin was on sale at my local butchers shop. Nicely marbled 3,3lb (1,5kg) cut was eager to get into my grill. Strangely enough, this roast was advertised having great fat layer on it. No point in my opinion, as fat goes away as soon as it meets my kitchen knife. Top sirloin roast should be cooked medium rare. This means fat layer on top of the beef will not have time to dissolve. Marbling is another story. We love marble.

So I trimmed the fat away. Then rubbed the beef with thyme, sea salt and black pepper. You can use other herbs also as you prefer. I wanted to keep the meat flavor very clear. After seasoning, I put the roast into fridge for few hours.

This size of a cut was estimated to cook in 2hrs. Cooking temp is low but time is not very slow. It made me wonder between my Weber Smokey Mountain cooker and Weber Master Touch. Finally I decided to go with latter and use The Smokenator for temperature controlling. Just no smoke this time.

I loaded The Smokenator with Black Ranch lump charcoal and filled the water pan. That should secure me 230°F (110°C) cooking temp easily for 2hrs. You can check the actual temps at the end of this story.

I have been using quite often as a source for good tips. Now here comes something new. Meathead was recommending that roast goes to the cooker directly from the fridge. No warming up in room temperature. Again he was arguing strongly for reverse sear. I have always warmed up every piece of meat before cooking. I don’t know why. That was something I learned from somewhere. Reverse sear I was already familiar with so this is how I did it.

Top sirloin roast was at fridge temp when I took it to the grill. I placed it on the grate, beside the Smokenator. Thus indirect heat. Then placed iGrill probe into the center of the roast.

Once inner temp of the roast was at 114°F (46°), I removed the Smokenator and placed the roast directly on top of the charcoal. Thus direct heat for searing. I seared 5min on both sides and measured inner temp to be 134°F (57°C). That’s medium rare. Then I took the roast out.

Top Sirloin beef roast can be served immediately. It does not need time to rest in foil. However, I had some timing issues with side dishes and I was forced to foil it. When everything was ready for a dinner, roast had continued to cook up to 143°F (62°C). That is still medium doneness so no problem.

This top sirloin beef roast turned out to be excellent. Taking it to the grill at fridge temp worked fine and reverse sear method secured smooth doneness.

Go ahead and try!

Sirloin Roast

Cooking time

100 Minutes

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