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This course is for backyard grilling beginners.

I will help you getting started fast and easy and avoid many beginners’ mistakes. You will get more out of your grill sooner. Most importantly, after completing this course, you will already sound like a pro. How is that for a value proposition!?

I bet you have just got your first charcoal grill, maybe a traditional kettle or even a ceramic kamado. You have already been browsing YouTube instructional videos, but still cannot make sense. Facebook groups you have joined, are full of passionate hobbyists but you are hesitating to put your questions forward. The “Grillmaster” book you got for a present is written by a barbecue Rockstar and appears to be too advanced for a beginner.

Don’t worry, I was in your shoes on July 2011 and I know how you feel. Enroll to this course and You will learn basic principles on how to operate your new charcoal grill. Regardless of the brand you chose.

Set up your BBQ party and shine like a true backyard pitmaster in no time!

  • 12 Learning modules
  • 60min video material
  • Written instructions
  • 180 days access to course material
  • Opens in January 2021. Get notified!
  • Course fee $79

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EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $20 for everyone on the waiting list on December 15th!*

*(20$ voucher will be granted to be used when paying the course)

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