About Arctic BBQ

About ArcticBBQ

Roots for this blog were seeded on summer of 2011 when I bought my first Weber kettle. Impatient as I am, the first six months elapsed quickly by trial and error method. Then I discovered YouTube full of lessons learnt. Ever since I have been seeking for BBQ techniques and recipes from various blogs. In 2015 I bought Weber Smokey Mountain and started learning low – and – slow. Yes, trial and error again but not for six months this time. Clear progress!

From the start I have bought numerous accessories for my grills. Some of them have been excellent and some of them not. Testing of new things is fun, so I continue to search for new BBQ innovations. Careful temperature measurement I started immediately. Manually though and recording data to MSExcel sheet for the astonishment of my friends. In 2015 I upgraded to wireless thermometer with Bluetooth connection and iPAD app. I am curious to see how digital BBQ can go.

I live in Finland, which is not considered as the heart of the worlds BBQ scene. However, there are few BBQ enthusiasts here who are pretty darn serious about it. I have cooked outdoors since 2011 throughout the year, rain or shine, cold or warm, storm or calm, about hundred times a year. I am thrilled about charcoal and briquettes, but I don’t look down on gas grills. I just don’t have one and my current fleet keeps me busy enough.

In my blog I am sharing my BBQ experiences near Arctic Circle through four seasons. I will share some of my favorite recipes, give insights to various BBQ equipment and accessories and share data on my grill and fuel performance. Data is something I would have benefit on early days but I could not find it anywhere. I hope this will help new hobbyists to get started.

Most importantly, I try to get connected with other BBQ enthusiasts around the world and learn new things. All feedback on improving this blog is warmly welcomed.

My wife has taken photos for this site and my son and daughter have liked most of my cooking. So on behalf of the whole family,

Enjoy the blog!


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