The Brand Story


Roots for the ArcticBBQ go back to summer of 2011 when I bought my first Weber kettle. It was on sale and the brochure yelled at me “You can cook anything with this!”. Excited, I called my friend to tell about my new grill. He listened carefully and said, “I bet You can’t cook a Christmas ham with it”.

Well, ever since I grilled my first 9lb (4kg) ham on that Christmas, I have cooked outdoors more than 100 times a year. Regardless of the weather, I have fired up one or two of my many grills and cooked something great. Grilling unites people and serves good food. That is more than enough to get me thrilled! So, what happened after first five years?


On Christmas of 2016 I decided to start publishing a blog about my experiences. After all, I had some 500+ grilling experiments on my belt already. I thought I could share something to other BBQ enthusiasts. Great pro tips for beginners, lessons learnt from epic failures and few stories about my adventures in BBQ community. The blog ArcticBBQ started to gain traction and on spring 2020 it hit 3000 monthly readers.


Purpose of the ArcticBBQ is to make You to enjoy your passion more. Recipes, Techniques and Travel stories from my adventures in the BBQ world I will update regularly.

I trust you will get a touch of the arctic way of cooking outdoors.






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